Boca Bons®
The Story...

For over 20 years, Boca Bons® has offered a decadent array of the most mouth-watering chocolates and sweet confections in the world. The company first launched in the early 1990’s with its signature Boca Bons® product – a rich combination of truffle, fudge and brownie all rolled into one, appealing to the most discerning chocolate lovers around the world. With an expanding product line and its spectacularly decorative designs and packaging, Boca Bons® has since become an established and well-known chocolatier nationwide.

The signature Boca Bons® are currently available in six irresistible flavors including Triple Chocolate, Cappuccino, Hazelnut Delight, Kool Keylime, Raspberry Royale and Tropical L’Orange. The company also offers its fun and imaginative Boca Bons® "Cookies with Character" line. "Cookies with Character" are hand decorated Oreo® cookies enrobed in milk, dark and white chocolate, transforming them into a delicious and creative gift. This line can also be customized in four edible colors perfect for corporate customers, wedding favors, or any special occasion. Complimenting the cookie line, the company also offers beautifully decorated pretzels packaged in the gorgeous Boca Bons® tradition.

In 2012, Boca Bons® introduced its “Giant” fortune cookies with custom messages and decorated for all occasions; and its delightful new treat, Coconut Cashew Crunch which was presented at the Fancy Food Show with a sell through that has been amazing.

In 2010, Boca Bons® moved into a new facility and joined forces with Hoffman’s Chocolate® - the premier Chocolatier of the Palm Beaches. With five enrobing lines and the combined manufacturing and distribution facilities in excess of 32,000 square feet, Boca Bons® has the ability to create new innovative designs and roll out many new products and delectable confections for many years to come.

Boca Bons® can be found nationally at upscale department stores, gourmet specialty shops, and hundreds of gift stores throughout the country. Boca Bons® is dedicated to making every customer feel special.